MK Maryla

MK Maryla is a producer of First Communion outfits and children's liturgical clothing. The company has been operating since 1991 and has extensive experience in the industry.


For this client, we have implemented a multi-channel process of ordering liturgical clothing integrated with the production system. The first part of the system is an online store where you can place orders by selecting the exact measurements of the products. MK Maryla also sells clothes dedicated for the First Communion at meetings in parishes. The main premise is quick ordering without the need for an internet connection. The application written especially for this case handles orders and then synchronizes them with the online store. Ultimately, orders go to the production system through a specially prepared interface. This system can also communicate with the store changing order statuses in order to notify the customer. As part of the solution, a dedicated integration with Inpost parcel lockers and the PayU payment system was also made. Customers can pay for their order placed at the meeting via the Internet, and they will receive it at the parcel locker.

MK Maryla
automatic tests

what we did

We have made an online store and a system for placing orders at meetings. Everything is integrated using an API written in the Laravel framework. We have implemented a separate API to synchronize orders with the production application.

work reviews

how we did it

The online store uses Prestashop engine. The SPA PWA Application for meetings is written in Vue.js (JavaScript). The APIs are built on Laravel Framework (PHP).

high standards

how we manage

The project is carried out in the scrum methodology. The effects of work are planned and implemented in 2-weeks iterations.

Complete solution

online store

Online store with
dedicated theme

We have implemented a store based on the Prestashop engine with a dedicated graphic theme. We have added integrations and modules to automate and improve company workflow.

mobile app

Ordering system
for meetings

The purpose of the application was to place orders quickly without internet connection as well as to settle them at pickup meetings.

The application fetches the store's assortment and allows to place orders without internet connection during meetings with customers. After the meeting ends, the orders are sent to the Prestashop store via the intermediary API.


API for
meeting application

The API synchronizes orders and customers between the meeting application and the Prestashop store.

The application also integrates with Inpost parcel lockers and PayU payment system.


API for

Synchronization of orders placed both in the store and at meetings. Order fulfillment management: the production application sends information to the store about the order status change.

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